Not a Fan

Shortly after the bell rang, and the Pledge of Allegiance ended, a friend came to me with ‘the look’.  Her stomach felt weird.  Weird like???  Weird like puke.


Yeah.  Not a fan of body fluids.  Especially puke.  My children will tell you that I am the worst nurse in the world.  They know to call their dad if body fluids are involved.  (Incidentally, he made a rule that if you can drive a car, you can clean up puke soooo no calls these days.)

I asked my usual questions: Have you been to the bathroom? (hint #2) Did you have breakfast? Are you hungry? Have you had some water? Would you like a snack?

She’d been to the bathroom.  She’d had breakfast. Not hungry. Not interested in water or a snack.  OK.  Let’s just see how the day goes.

Later, she tells me, “Sooner or later I am gonna puke.”

And then later, “It’s coming.  It’s just a matter of time.”

And still later, “It’s close now.”

She wasn’t herself–she was grouchy and short with other friends.  She was defiant with me.  She was pale.  I knew she just didn’t feel good.

Finally, “It’s real, real close now.” By this time, it’s 2:25.  We have an hour of school left. She thought seeing the nurse would be for the best at this point.  So I sent her.  She rested for 15 minutes, returned to the room with a message from the nurse:
“Welp. Nurse Jessie says it looks like I am going to live.  I don’t how she knew, but she did.  So I am back!”

Good golly.  I would have saved myself TONS of drama if I had sent her at 8:45 this morning for this diagnosis.

Lesson learned.

Tomorrow will be better.



7 thoughts on “Not a Fan

  1. Oh I can so relate with this. I don’t do puke either! My husband would sit and hold our daughter’s hair back and tell her to get it out….blah, blah, blah. Not me! I would be right there with ’em! Hopefully tomorrow will be tummy “troubleless”.

  2. Yeah, I’m not a fan of body fluids either. I laughed as I read this, though, because your list of questions is the same one I work my way through when confronted with the my-stomach-feels-weird dilemma. Glad you didn’t have deal with any puke!

  3. Too funny! I loved how you included exactly how she looked and how you felt. And a great ending.

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