The Queen

On Tuesday, a kindergarten class invited me to read my favorite book to them today.  Perfect. This is no brainer. One of my very favorite things is to read aloud and I do LOVELOVELOVE sharing books.

The kindergarten teacher and I decide it will be great fun if I bring my class of 19 first graders along.

We show up at 9:30 ready to read.

I introduce myself by asking if they know who I am.  They shout out–‘you’re Ms. Hays’ MOM!!!!!’ Indeed I am.  My offspring is an aide in this classroom.

‘But you are MRS. Hays because you are married to MR. Hays!’

Right again.

At this point, I ask them if they know what else is special about me. They’re puzzled but my class is not.  My class shouts out…..wait for it…..

‘SHE’S THE QUEEN!’ I tell the kindergartners that I am The Queen and it’s OK to call me that if you see me. My offspring has bolted for the door, the kindergarten teacher has tears running down her face and the para is just giggling like a middle school boy.

At the end of the day as the kindergartners are passing my room on the way to the bus, a little boy looks right at me, smiles and says, ‘Hello there Queen!’

Day made, friends.  Just sayin’.