Today was enough.

I folded 4 loads of laundry.

Planned my wardrobe for the week.

Read some blogs.

Showered and dressed quickly because I lost track of time.

Went to the dollar store.

Went to a board meeting.

Went to the post office.

Put dinner in the crock pot and laid out ground beef to thaw.

Planned my menus for the week.

Talked to a friend on the phone.

Made the grocery list.

Went to Wendy’s for lunch on the run.

Went back to the dollar store.

Went to grocery store number one.

Went to grocery store number two.

Finally made it home where there was plenty of help to put away the stuff.

Grabbed my book and a water to settle in for 2 basketball games.

Took nap number one.

Made popcorn for ballgame number 2.

Took nap number two.

Watched a team lose that shouldn’t have lost.

Took a third nap.

Browned the beef for tacos and made rice.

Cleaned my bedroom.

And I am headed for bed.

Today was enough. Just sayin’.