Each day we have a journal prompt that kids write about.  I put it up at the end of each day before they head home.  I think it gives them time to think through what they might want to share in their journal.  Recently, I began sharing the weeks prompts in my parent newsletter as well.

As one of my friends hit the door Monday morning, she told the greeter (who happens to be my offspring) ‘that I finally did something exciting over the weekend and wouldn’t you just know it the journal entry is WHAT WOULD I DO WITH A MAGIC CAR!’

To which my offspring replied, ‘your teacher is the WORST!!’ Laughter ensued and she held her weekend fun until today’s entry.

She and her family were able to attend a men’s basketball game, buy new underwear, eat at a restaurant and purchase new shoes. She had a really, really big time!

After she was done writing, we visited about her weekend. In particular, the basketball game. She was concerned that the fans were poor sports because they read newspapers while the opposing team was being introduced.  She also said they booed players and that was very wrong.  But the best part of the game??…..

‘Mrs. Hays, have you ever been to the KSU basketball game?’

‘I have.’


‘I have. Were your mom and dad on the kiss cam?’

(insert the best giggles you have ever heard right here) ‘NOOOOOO. That would have been terrible!’

Oh girl. You have my heart. Just sayin’.