Question of the Day

This was our question of the day on Monday:

And here are our responses…..

It was hard.  I had kids who could not think of  a thing they did to help someone.  I had kids who said they did not help anyone.  I told them we must change that starting now.

They are sososo helpful at school and I want them to share that gift outside of school.  I shouldn’t be the only one who benefits from their kindness.

It looks like I might need to help with some spelling of words.  Just sayin’.



3 thoughts on “Question of the Day

  1. I love your daily question with your students and how it focused on helping. I also like how you didn’t take “nothing” as an acceptable answer. I can see using your students’ ideas as starters to poems. We are going to explore poetry next week! Have you tried using Padlet, KidBlog, Chatterpix or FlipGrid to share their thinking?

  2. It’s so nice to see kids helping a school, and to stretch their ideas and challenge them to see themselves helping out in the world too. I love their creative spelling, but then, I have a seven year old who spells…enthusiastically…but with no sense of the actual letters or sounds in the words, so I am used to it. Thank you for sharing, and for helping your students be kind!

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