Day One

Last year my class was tough.  TOUGH. We just couldn’t come together as a school family.  I had exhausted my bag of tricks so one Friday in September brought homemade cookies to school and called it ‘Cookie Friday’.  I thought we could have cookies and milk and just visit.  It took 15 minutes.

I saw a change.  The next week when Thursday rolled around, a friend called out, ‘TOMORROW IS COOKIE FRIDAY!’ Um. Ok.  And thus a tradition was born.  We had homemade cookies every Friday, except one–I bought Oreos, and we spent time together.  And we came together as one family.

It’s what a tradition does–brings us together.

Kind of like the Slice of Life Challenge…just sayin’.





2 thoughts on “Day One

  1. What a beautiful acknowledgement of traditions– they bring us together! Food can be such a uniting force. Glad you shared this slice of life!

  2. Such a wonderful tradition. I bet some of you students don’t get homemade cookies very often. Food and time for conversation goes a long way in creating bonds. Thanks for sharing. Here’s to 30 more days of slicing!

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