Truth Telling

I have been out of my classroom the past two day because I did a thing. A thing that I thought I would NEVER do….I presented at a conference in our state that’s kind of big deal.

This morning I was so excited to see my kids. I truly missed them. And I planned to tell them until…..I lost my bananas and did something dumb.

It’s Suess Spirit Week. I am not a fan. We don’t do Suess in my room.

Today was ‘wear your comfy clothes day’ a.k.a. pajama day. Kids love pajama day. They beg for pajama day. It’s so weird to me. Wearing my pajamas to school really doesn’t appeal to me in any way. Needless to say–I also missed the memo that we were having Suess Spirit Week and was completely whacked by it this morning when I arrived at school.

I had a little girl who brought her blanket and pillow to use all day. Uhhhhh. NO. Another little girl wore a ginormous sweatshirt snuggy thingy. Uhhhhh. NO and NO. Of course, both little humans thought they were hilarious.

Cue me losing my bananas.

I said, ‘We’re not doing this (waving my arms around them like Medusa on crack) today! Please put anything extra you may have in your cubby for the day!!’

Yep. 100% should not have said a word and it would have taken care of itself. But no. I have to go all bananas and be THE BOSS.

And that’s when I forgot that I was going to tell them that I missed them, that I loved them and I was so glad to be back.

It worked out that both girls were able to forgive me for going all crazy town on them. And I was able to forgive myself.

It also worked out that I was able to talk with each little human one-on-one today to let them know that I was glad to be back with them, that I missed them and that I loved them. It was way better than what I had originally planned.

Truth telling. #justsayin’


2 thoughts on “Truth Telling

  1. Congrats to you for taking the risk and presenting. I hope it went well! How powerful for you to come to that realization with the 2 kids today and make it all ok by the end. I will say that, like the kids, I also look forward to pajama day and cannot wait to wear my comfy pants to school. Not sure what that really says about me???

  2. You cut this slice right to the quick and it paid off. It would have been easy to have been pulled off with the reasons why you ‘went crazy town’, but you left it in the actual moment that you were surprised, anticipated the worst, and cut it off at the knees. You left us knowing you would make it right, your remorse, and the students forgiveness. I would say that pajamas at work make me a little unhinged as well and I believe I share your opinion of Seuss. I would add that being human (to some degree) with our students, showing regret, and how to move on, is a powerful lesson and model in itself. Thanks for sharing.

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