Toilet Paper

The pictures floating around of empty shelves are intriguing. Toilet paper? When I first saw them, I laughed. OUT LOUD. Seriously, friends? That’s what you’re worried about?

So much conversation about it at school today among the adults. Toilet paper? I mean, why not Dr. Pepper? Or popcorn? Or candy bars? Those are the things I would need on quarantine. Those things save lives.

After I arrived home, more conversation took place. Toilet paper? None of us could figure it out. We talked about what we might need–milk, bread, and anything we are low on. So just regular stuff.

Colleges are closing. Our daughter’s parish removed all the holy water from the fonts and banned the shaking of hands during Mass. Schools are making contingency plans in the event they need to close for an extended time.

Toilet paper? Pretty sure there are some other materials that could be used, if necessary, in my home. Also, feel pretty good about my stash of toilet paper because I just restocked it on Saturday,

Then the announcement came from the NCAA–no fans at tournament games. Toilet paper? Bet they have enough….#justsayin’


6 thoughts on “Toilet Paper

  1. The toilet paper craziness is crazy. I mean I wouldn’t want to run out of toilet paper, it’s happened before, but I don’t get the rush on the shelves. It’s weird.

    • I agree. Of all the things I could think that I might need—books, coffee, grilled cheese—toilet paper just didn’t make the list. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  2. I love your ending–it made me laugh! And I love the light-hearted spin on this topic that’s on everyone’s minds these days. My husband stocked up on toilet paper after his friend in Seattle told him there was no toilet paper to be found in stores–but he also stocked up on ice cream and ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies. 🙂

  3. Yep, we couldn’t quite figure out the toilet paper thing, either, unless folks were worried about having to stay home and not being able to shop. Although, with all the home delivery these days…Glad you’ve got all your necessary essentials!

  4. People are worried about being cooped up at home unable to shop and yes, toilet paper is kind of a necessity. My daughter felt so silly asking me to pick some up on my way out to visit and I noticed I’ve been in the bathroom at work hoping we have purchased enough because people here are really binging on buying it. I’ve become a little conscious about the number of “squares” I’m using!

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