Is There Any Sense Here?


The world is in a pandemic. My husband is a microbiologist and he’s been following this virus since mid-December. 7 days ago he texted our family and told us that it’s time to start paying attention. He was not wrong.

Supplies are low in our little town. They will be replenished–and if someone runs out of something, neighbors will share.

I talked to my mom yesterday. They have limited visitors at her assisted living. They are still serving lunch in the club house. She has 16 people in her pod and they are sitting 2 persons to a table. It pissed her off because they gave her an ‘assigned seat’. My guess is that it is someone that she doesn’t like.

I live in the one state that said….The End. We will not be returning to in-person schooling this spring. School is not canceled–it’s simply going to look different.

Today our state rolled out this plan.

We are having a district wide zoom session on Monday at 9 am. We will be allowed to go into our classrooms on Monday for a quick grab of items but aren’t to camp out in the room. So I have been thinking all day about what I need to get when I go…Other than my plants–I am just not sure what I need to bring home. Got any ideas?

I get sucked right into the rabbit hole of hell so I have spent today tv news and social media free. I feel human again. I did not even turn the TV on until tonight.

Several parents have reached out to me via email letting me know that they are sad that the year has ended. Several texted me with prayers. One mom sent this text: ‘A little girl was listening to the press conference with me and is very sad thinking about not seeing you in your classroom. 😥 and tape diagrams, and free time and math. I told her I’m sure Mrs Hays won’t let math and tape diagrams go away. 😉’

Those tape diagrams, tho. #justsayin’


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  1. These words chill: “My husband is a microbiologist and he’s been following this virus since mid-December.” I get the idea of not generating panic, but really? December? ARGH!

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