10 Things….

1.  I’m walkin’ on sunshine…..

2.  It’s strawberry season!  I have had several pounds over the past week and aaahhhh….they are delicious.

3.  About that bonehead on The Amazing Race.  Who gets Noah confused with Joan?  Really.  Seriously.

4.  It’s just a game, fellas.

5.  I am enjoying not wearing 47 layers to school and no coat at recess.  Although, I have found that those layers have been covering up several new ‘additions’ to my body.  Ugh.  Salad, no dressing and water with lemon for me, please.

6.  Who does a research project with 3rd graders?  Their teacher must drink.  Or she needs to start.

7.  Sleeping all night rock–even if just happens once in a blue moon.  I feel for women who are having babies in their 30’s because they may not sleep through the night for like 20 years.

8.  Health Care Bill.  Enough said.

9.  Holy Smokolies!!  Who told her this looked good?  Pepto, anybody?  And that hair?  Really.  Seriously.  And that song?  Yikes.

10.  8 days left in March.  43 school days.  21 days until my oldest child is no longer a teenager.  Life moves at the speed of light.  Just sayin’.