OK.  So sometimes things don’t go as planned.  “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.”  –proverbs 16:9

And even with that ‘help’ sometimes things just happen.

We’re watching THE GAME on Saturday.  It was pretty intense.  Lots of shifting around.  Moving from one TV to another.  Yelling.  Which is OK if it’s a ball game but not OK if it’s the Price is Right.  Another post for another time.

2 minutes or maybe less left in the game.  Panic is beginning to set in.

Caller ID pops up on the TV screen.  Yes.  We pay for that luxury.  It lets us know if we must get up to find a phone or if it’s just Granny who will leave a message and then begin calling our cell phones.  And leaving messages.  If we are lucky, she will post a ‘message’ on our social networking pages.

This time it wasn’t Granny.  It was good friend of my husband’s from high school.  Bells go off.  David wouldn’t just randomly call in the middle of THE GAME.  We chitchat and he eventually asks to talk to Coach.

Coach and his buddies.  They were quite the group.  Oh the stories….and more stories (Stuff you can’t tell your children, yet).  No wonder Granny has gray hair, smoked cigarettes and drank coffee.  And sometimes wine.  And bonded.  For life.  It’s one of those deals.  30 years can go by but they all know where to find each other.  And can count on each other.  

I hear the tone of Coach’s voice change.

At this point, THE GAME becomes just another game on just another Saturday.
Because it seems that one of the group has suffered a terrible, horrible, totally unthinkable tragedy.

The loss of a child. 

Time stands still, I think.

Suddenly, THE GAME took on new meaning.

I hurt for those people.

This song….well, I have shared this before…..and I probably will share it again.  Just sayin’.