Ordinary Days

My kids were all home for supper tonight.  It wasn’t a planned event but I am so very thankful for the time with them.  As we approach a new season as a family, I will take that time when it’s just the 5 of us as often as I can.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy their ‘friends’ as we call them at our house, I just know it warms my mom heart to have the 5 of us together once in a while.

It was great to hear them laugh together and tell stories of their weekend adventures.

After the kids returned to The City, I got a text message from my youngest daughter asking if I though it would be a bad idea to take a walk with a friend.

‘Why’ I asked her, ‘would it be a bad idea to take a walk?’

‘Well I have stuff I could do for class on Tuesday.’

‘Nope.  Take the walk.  It’s a gorgeous evening! Stuff will wait.’

‘You are right. Thank you.’

It made me smile.  I’m not trading this life in for anything.  Just sayin’.








9 thoughts on “Ordinary Days

    • When people say they don’t text, I give them the crazy eyes. I like texting a lot! It let’s us connect in a way that we wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Our family group message is hilarious!

  1. I am all about getting stuff finished. The advice you gave your daughter was perfect. I hope when/if I’m ever asked the same thing, I will remember to invite him to choose to seize the moment over stuff. Lovely

  2. I love this post. It’s rare that my family gets together anymore, but when everyone is home, it’s the happiest of times.

  3. Your post gives me hope for the future… I have so much fear of the empty nest, but as my second gets ready to go off to college, I also know that it’s just a new, equally beautiful phase in our relationship!

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