The Den’s

This year I am blessed to have three friends whose names all end in ‘Den’.  Holy confusion, Batman! Much like a mother who must say all of her children’s names before she gets the child she is wanting–some days I have to say all three before I get the ‘Den’ I am wanting.

One sunny Wednesday, I was working with a small group of kids at the rainbow table.  I called for my next group.  All of a sudden I have a little boy at the table that I hadn’t called for.

‘What’s up?’

Dead pans me.

‘Why are you here?’

‘OH! I didn’t hear who you called, I just heard one of the Dens and so I just came on up!’

‘Well you aren’t the Den I need so you can go on back to work, Friend.’

Off he went.  Correct Den comes to the table and we continued on.

**I also have 3 friends whose names end in Ana.  It’s crazy.


3 thoughts on “The Den’s

  1. I feel your pain! I have three different “-dens” too! And sometimes, like my Grandmother calling a grandchild by going through all the children/grandchildren/pets, it takes going through all of them to get the one I want. I also have two variations of “Ann” and a student whose first name is the last name of another!

  2. I think it should be a rule that children with similar or identical names cannot be in the same class. I also think in primary grades, there should be no more than 3 children with the same initial for their first names. This way when we make name charts, there is an equal spread and we can teach letters and sounds more easily. Who needs a class with 9 kids out of 26 who start with the letter A? 🙂

  3. I’d give that friend a bonus point to coming!! So cute that he came.
    I feel your craziness, too. I have 2 Williams and a Will!!

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