I got BIG plans for #sb2016, people.  This is the plan:

I am currently reading The Girl on the Train.  Then my man Jeffrey is up (I love me some Jeffrey Archer–my favorite book by him is As the Crow Flies) followed by The Martian.  I am not all in on The Martian but I will give it my best shot. All the Light We Cannot See is last because it’s for my Old Lady Book Club on April 4 so it needs to be fresher in my mind.

Today was our last day with kids and tomorrow we have teacher inservice followed by an afternoon workday.  I have a plan for that time as well.  If my plan goes accordingly, I will be leaving and not returning to school until Monday, March 21 at 7:55.

You know what they say about the best laid plans…..



3 thoughts on “#sb2016

  1. Love your sb2016 plans! I’m jealous you are on spring break. I still have 2 weeks! I read All the Light We Cannot See. Great book! I loved it. Happy reading, sleeping late, and watching junk tv.

  2. My SB2016 starts with Daring Greatly and then I saw a YA book called Eleven And Also Girl on the Train. But I have to wait until the 19h to begin. So fun to have a break built-in…Best part of being a teacher!! Last summer I read All the Light…great characters!

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