Time of Year

This is a favorite time of year for me–basketball season.  I parked myself in front of the TV so I could see my favorite teams play.  And Selection Sunday?  Greatest. Day. Ever.

This Friday was much better than last Friday–so I am still awake at 7:15 unlike last Friday.

Currently reading The Girl on the Train. So far? Eh.  Main character is a drunk who is crazy.  She’s pretty believable but I don’t really want to be friends with her.

Since it is a Friday during Lent we had fish for dinner.  And by fish, I mean fish sticks.  They were delicious.

We are under 4 months for my oldest daughter’s wedding.  Uhhhhh.  It feels like I should be doing more.  Or not.  Ask no questions has been my daughters motto. She means me–I should not ask questions.

We are 2 months away from my youngest children graduating from college.  I am giddy with excitement over this.  I can’t believe they will be 22 one day and graduate from college the next day.  Amazing 22 years with those two!

Left my classroom in amazing shape today as I headed out to spring break–which is probably a first for me. Hopefully it makes the 47 school days we have left amazing as well.

Happy Friday!



4 thoughts on “Time of Year

  1. I tried to read Girl on a Train too and ended up abandoning it. I felt like I was adding unneeded drama to my life. I have friends who loved it though. Good luck!

  2. I was on the couch last night, too trying to stay awake to watch UVA beat Miami and they did!!! Go Hoos!!
    The beginning of many games this month! Who is your team to watch?

    • Well…KU Jayhawks and the rest of the Big 12 teams. My kids go to Kansas State and we cheer for them BUT they aren’t tourney bound this year!

  3. I also tried reading Girl on a Train. I also had to abandon it. I felt the same about the main character. I didn’t like her and wasn’t rooting for her. I hope you make it through and you find it wonderful.

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