Love Hate Relationship

I have a love hate relationship with Sunday nights and tonight is no exception.

On on one hand I love Sunday nights.  The bedding is fresh, the laundry is done for the week, and newness abounds.  My clothes for the week are organized and ready to be worn. Meals are planned. Events for the week have been discussed. My favorite TV show is on.

It is quieter on Sunday nights in our little town as we are all readying for the week.

I love getting into bed on Sunday nights. Sliding between the freshly laundered sheets and pulling the covers up close to my nose.  This is where the love ends.

Sunday nights are often difficult for me to fall asleep.  I lie awake in anticipation of all the week holds and all of the things I should have done over the weekend to prepare–mainly for school.  Then I become frustrated because I should be asleep.  Monday will be horribleterriblenogoodverybadday if I don’t go to sleep at a reasonable hour.  And then what if I oversleep? My mind races as though I am a horse running for his life at the Kentucky Derby.

And then suddenly it is Monday and the week has begun again. Just sayin’.


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