So I finished reading The Girl on the Train. Crazy book. I could have abandoned it at about the 1/3 mark but couldn’t bring myself to quit reading. It’s like the neighbors who fight outside, I know I should not listen but because they are so freaking loud, I must listen.  The main character was so intriguing to me that I couldn’t stop reading. At the halfway point, I was all in and knew I wouldn’t stop reading.  Holy total surprise ending, Batman!

I started cleaning my kitchen this morning.  My curtains are washed and dried but not put back up.  Upper cabinets are clean on the outside.  Then my friend came over and I was done for the day.

I started the laundry.  It’s washed and dried but not folded.

I started getting the outside furniture ready for spring.  It’s set out but not cleaned up.

And I started a new book.  Kitchens can wait.  Laundry can wait. Furniture can wait. Just sayin’.



6 thoughts on “Finished/Unfinished

  1. So was the ending good enough to the Girl on thre Train that I should pick it back up again and finish? I am living vicariously through you as you enjoy your Spring Break and I am still slaving away. Right now I am fantasizing about having clean cabinets. Wow! That would be satisfying to see. Seven more work days and counting! 🙂 You keep savoring!

  2. Your slice made my laugh! Sounds like me. I did, however, finish Girl on the Train. It was twisted but a good book overall.

  3. I love that starting a new book also got done by you as you also started all those other necessary but definitely not as exciting things! No wonder those things will wait!

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