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Most evenings at 6:30 we watch Wheel of Fortune.  By ‘we’, I mean my whole family. My 3 kids live together in College Town and we live in Hometown about 40ish minutes from them. Sometimes we even text back and forth about the puzzles and the contestants.  Sometimes what Vanna is wearing or something goofy Pat said.

Recently, as they were watching WOF during Family Week, my oldest daughter asked her brother who he would pick to go WOF with him.

‘My twin.’ was his immediate response.

‘WHAT!? I am good at this game!’ she declared.

‘Eh. No.’

‘What if she said no?  Who would you pick?’

‘Dad.’ he quipped.

‘Who then?  Me, right? I am better than mom.’

‘You are my last choice.’

She was horribly offended and has spent the last several weeks attempting to prove to him that she is indeed good enough to go on WOF with him.

He’s not budging on his choice.

Do other people have conversations like this?  Or is it just us nerdy people? My guess it is just us.  Just sayin’.





6 thoughts on “Important Stuff

  1. I love that connection and that you share the same interest. I love that you guys text during the show. It’s so nice to stop and connect to the most important people on your life.

  2. I love how you told this step by step!! Such a great exchange.
    At our house, the conversation is around Jeopardy! We are nerds, too!
    And you know the saying, “A family that plays together, stays together!”

  3. Your conversation allows us to see the personality of your family. You sound close and a bit competitive. 🙂 Your post cracked me up! I wouldn’t call you nerdy, just very experienced with all things WOF. (You even have your own acronym, or is that the educator in you coming out?)

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