The Post in Which I Admit to Having Done Dumb Things

On the 13th day of Slicing, I realized that when I commented on blogger blogs, it was posting my blogger username and not my word press username.  Blogger and I broke up about 2 years ago–not a chance in you know where that we will be getting back together.  And now I probably can’t win a prize for following the Slicing rules of 2016.   Ugh.

On Monday, I accepted a dare from my youngest daughter.  Basically this was an athletic feat in which jumping and touching my toes and heels in a fairly quick way was to occur. Yeah.  So I kicked myself in leg and have a raised up bruise the size of an egg.  I kicked myself so hard it hurt to shave my leg.  Aaaaannnnddddd I did not complete the task. Ugh.

On Tuesday I bought butter cookies off of the dollar isle. 5 cookies are a serving.  I have had my servings for the next 10 days. Ugh.

I don’t eat corn. Or corn products. Or products made from corn.  Yesterday I ate 2 CORN dogs for lunch. Duh. But oh so delicious!!  Ugh.

Today I opened a fresh bag of Lay’s Original chips.  There is nothing like a freshly opened bag of Original Lay’s. I proceeded to eat all the folded over chips I could find.  Here’s hoping that no one else in my family wanted to have any chips with lunch today. Or tomorrow. Or ever. Ugh.

It takes me exactly 3 days to adopt my no school schedule of napping, staying up too late and sleeping in.  Monday morning at 5 am, life is going to be rough. Double Ugh.

None of these things are life threatening.  I really hate it when I do dumb stuff.








4 thoughts on “The Post in Which I Admit to Having Done Dumb Things

  1. I am mildly allergic to corn syrup so gave up coke products. Yet today I skipped lunch and was so hungry that I came to McDonalds to slice and make comments. So dummy me, is typing this comment and sipping on a coke. Sometimes…..I get it! I love your honesty.
    And keep writing, prize of no prize…you have stories to tell!!

  2. Thank you so much for a great laugh that brought tears to my eyes. And on missing that prize, I’m going to miss it too because I never registered. Ugh!

  3. Spring break is all about breaking routines and kicking back. Enjoy it. Monday is going to be hard no matter what routines you keep over spring break. Your voice comes through in your writing and makes me laugh. Maybe it’s because I do dumb things, too. 🙂

  4. Hah! It was like you were inside my head. This is exactly how I talk to myself when I feel like “you are better than this!”

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