What If

What if I was nicer than I had to be?

What if I ignored that sound?

What if I smiled when I felt like screaming?

What if I forgave?

What if I didn’t have to have my way every time?

What if I overlooked bad table manners?

What if I played harder with kids at recess?

What if I stopped complaining?

What if I just stopped?

What if I called my mom more often?

What if I called my mother-in-law more often?

What if I went for a walk every night at 8pm?

What if I had a ‘yes’ day?

What if I reached out to someone I know is hurting?

What if I prayed every day for every kid in my class?

What if I took one day at a time?

What if…..



7 thoughts on “What If

  1. I believe your world would be filled with wonder and love. Praying you do all your “what ifs.” I am going to examine mine too and get to work.

  2. Really like the form this took. What if is a powerful question starter. You have some powerful questions – some all of us should follow!

  3. Oh my, this is a powerful post! I had to print it out. I am not quite sure yet how I will use your statements, but I will. Thank you for your words and the thinking they are creating in me.

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  5. Followed Jone’s “What if” poem over here! Love the use of “I” — we pause and focus on ourselves for a moment in all this hub-bub! Opportunity for self-reflection!

    Thank you!

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