So my husband and I have these amazing Contigo cups…..

We have had them for about 3 months– 20 oz. upgrades (they do sell 24 oz cups but it were kind of awkward in my hand) from 16 oz. cups because and I quote…’THOSE DO NOT HOLD ENOUGH COFFEE. I NEED A LARGER CUP!’

When I purchased them, I couldn’t buy 2 different colors like I could with the 16 oz cups, so I just bought them the same.  No big deal.  Marked my initials on the bottom of the cup and on the inside of the lid with a sharpie.  Perfect system.

My husband fills his to the rim every morning with coffee.  If you don’t have one of these cups–get one.  It keeps hot stuff HOT for hours and cold stuff COLD for hours–like my ice doesn’t melt all day if I use it for ice water! I put orange and lemon slices in mine and fill it with boiling water to make a citrus tea.  I take it to recess with me each morning at 10:15.  Perfect system.

Until today.

Today when I took my first swig of citrus tea, I almost chucked it right back out.  I quickly checked the bottom of the cup.  No initials.  I had my husbands coffee cup.  Ugh.  My citrus tea had the undertones of coffee.  And really, by undertones, I mean it tasted exactly like orangey, lemony, watered down coffee. Gag.

Apparently, lemon infused coffee isn’t much better.


5 thoughts on “Mix-Up

  1. Yuck! I can imagine the different between a big swig of tea and a big swig of not tea! Hope you find a system that works. 🙂

  2. I purchased a Contigo cup in February. I LOVE it! It keeps my ice cold all day long. Citrus coffee-yuck. I bet you will both check your cups from here on out. 🙂

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