Phone Calls

We still have a home phone.  Why?

It’s not a cost thing.  If we got rid of the home phone, we would save $6 a month.  Our phone is combined with our cable and internet for a not-so-low price of $190 bucks a month.  Believe me, I have called our provider SEVERAL times trying to lower our bill. But that’s another story.

Who calls us?

Political people.  The pharmacy to remind us to fill our meds. The American Red Cross. My mother-in-law. More political people. Something called SSI. Basically we get no calls from anyone real.  All the calls are automated voice calls.  Not my MIL.  That is her real voice.  We get between 4 and 8 calls a day from these people.

So why do we keep it?  I wish I knew.


3 thoughts on “Phone Calls

  1. We still have a land line, too. And we get the same kind of calls. In fact, we never really answer our phone, the answering machine does. Most of the time our phones aren’t charged and hidden around the house. Why do we still have this? Great question!

  2. We also have a land line and yes, receive the same type of phone calls. Very few people actually call us on our home line, most that know us use our cell phones. Getting rid of this would save us some money. Maybe I should look into this.

  3. We only have a land line because my husband needs it for work twice a week. He recently discovered that our phone service will send him emails with the transcript of any messages left for us. We don’t have the phone plugged in and we don’t have the answering machine turned on. It’s so nice to not have to deal with it.

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