All is Well

Yesterday in Kansas it was 80 degrees.  The wind was blowing a bazillion miles an hour and there was dirt and dust blowing everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Recess was sketchy because we have some tiny kids in first grade who were in danger of blowing away. Eyes were filled with dust.  Teeth were gritty. We were filthy dirty.  We were happy, but we were dirty.

It made me think about people who lived through the Dust Bowl and how every day would have been incredibly challenging. When I arrived home, a few of my tulips had bloomed. It was the happiest sight for me! Tulips are some of my favorite flowers and these are very dainty.

Normally I wouldn’t cut them.  These are not normal times.  Weather forcasters were telling us to prepare for snow.  I did not want my tulips to be taken from me too soon by snow, so I cut them.  And it did snow overnight.  We woke up to a wind chill of 16 degrees and a very overcast sky. The sun came out later in the day, it warmed up and the wind is only blowing a zillion miles an hour.

It’s kind of like me–my outsides might not be so beautiful but on the inside all is well and beautiful (and yes, that’s my oven it is pink–I have matching push button stove).


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