10 Things Right Now

I borrowed this idea from here.

10 things right now:

  1. I am currently watching One Tree Hill on Netflix.  I am on season 7 and I just watched the episode where Haley’s mom dies.  Saddest. Episode. Ever.
  2. Those Sonic commercial guys crack me up. I have seen those commercials a bazillion times and I still laugh. My husband just rolls his eyes.
  3. I like seeing what the CBS sportscasters are wearing.  Suits, shirts and ties are something that I like seeing put together.  And Charles Barkley is hilarious.
  4. Even though we aren’t getting together with my husband’s family, I still made my nephew cut-out sugar cookies. He’s 25.
  5. The Dollar General has been having random hardback books by really great authors (like Lee Childs, Sandra Brown, Stuart Woods and Sue Grafton) for $3. Today I gave in and bought one.  I mean it’s $3!!
  6. I managed to make everything we need for our Sunday dinner today.
  7.  I could watch TV all day.
  8. One thing that binge watching TV series allows me to do is catch a lot of references to things that I might not catch if I was watching it weekly.  Today I noticed that the writers of One Tree Hill make references to other movies and books in almost every episode. It’s very subtle. Today there was a reference to Dead Poet’s Society.
  9. I took a 2 hour nap today.  I am pretty sure I could do that every day.
  10. I walked away from school with nothing.  It will all still be there when we return to school on Monday.  Pretty darn proud of myself.

3 thoughts on “10 Things Right Now

  1. Fun format. I’m going to have to try this one out. I’ve never seen One Tree Hill. I might have to check it out. It was sweet of you to make all those cut out sugar cookies. Talk about a labor of love

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