Joys and Concerns

I think I have mentioned that in my classroom we have a family meeting each morning where we share announcements, joys and concerns.

Yesterday we began our day with a bazillion ‘for Easter, I got…’ announcements. As we began to share joys and concerns, I had a little boy who was dyyyyyyyyyying to share.

‘We need to have concerns for our church.’

‘Can you give a little more information?’

‘Oh yes. Yesterday for church we could NOT go inside the building. We had to stay outside. It was dark and cold. I do not know why we couldn’t go in. But it’s bad. So we need concerns.’

‘Do you think it might have been Sunrise Service since it was Easter? Church was held outside to celebrate?’

‘NO! We couldn’t go in for any reason. It’s bad. We need concerns.’

At this point, I concede and offer up good thoughts for our friends church. Another friend who attends the same church, looks at him and says:

‘It was fine when I went.’

I have absolutely no idea what he was talking about.  Still don’t.  But in the spirit of joys and concerns I offered it up. Just sayin’.



2 thoughts on “Joys and Concerns

  1. Oh my! I was taking my dog out to potty when I read your post. I started laughing SO loud I had to go in so I didn’t wake up sleeping people! Too funny! I love how you write and bring your students to life. Your posts make me miss the everyday joys of the classroom. I ran in and read your post to my family. I was still laughing so hard, they had no idea what was so funny, but just laughed at me laughing. Thanks for the laugh!

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