Today I observed my class wearing…..

Fake Ugg boots with a summer dress.

Orange shirt. Orange shorts. Orange socks. All different shades of orange, of course.

Athletic shorts with a plaid shirt.

T-shirt that was longer than the skirt she paired it with.

Tall black socks with long black shorts.

Pink shirt. Pink pants. Pink jacket.

Winter coat with flip flops.

Today I heard my class saying….

Could you please talk quietly? I am trying to finish this book.

We work first, then play.

You have only used your teacher voice about 10 times today, Ms. Hays! And it’s been all for the same person!! (not the best thing I wanted to hear)

I knew you had a treat for us today!

If the word begins with the same letter, you have to look at the second letter. ( and she showed him how to line up the word so he could compare)

I found a dime under your desk.

You cannot do that.  You know that’s not how we roll. (and she stopped to help her friend who was having a rough time)

4 kids having a conversation about how a baby gets food when it’s inside its moms tummy.

Kids singing along to TSwift.

Today I felt….incredibly lucky to be their teacher.








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  1. I love the randomness of these looks and comments!!! Yes, it is the best, being a teacher. Congrats on DAY 31 of SOL!!! I hope you return on Tuesdays during the rest of the year to post more slices. I love reading your stories!!

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