Made It!

I made 30/31 days writing this month!  GO ME!!

There were days I wasn’t sure I had anything in me to write and days I couldn’t decide which story to tell and days on days of paying closer attention to the life around me so I could write.

And then there were days like today.

I sent my kids to lunch and headed to warm up my lunch.  I have taken about 2 bites when the secretary sticks her head in and says those dreaded words every teacher hates to hear:

‘You have a puker.’

Up I go to retrieve his things so he can head out for the day. Dad is on his way. As I make my way into the nurses station, I see my friend sitting up looking fine.  Just. Like. He. Had. All. Morning. I gave him the usual questions…are you ok? how long had you felt bad? And so on. He gave me the stink eye.

When I picked my class up from lunch, everyone let me know that our friend had puked.

The friend that sat on the right of the puker said, ‘Yeah. I thought..WOW He has a lot of food on his tray! Turns out it was PUKE!!’

The friend that sat on the left of the puker said, ‘I let the lunchroom lady know that we had a ‘situation’ and needed some help.’ (Puke is an emergency in our room followed closely by fire and blood)

Turns out the puker had managed to only puke in his lunch tray.  He didn’t get any puke anywhere else. Impressive.

but. oh. my.

We went to extra recess.  We were so hyped up we had to run it out. And when we returned to the room, we Clorox wiped every surface.

Yeek.  I hate puke.  Just sayin’.


3 thoughts on “Made It!

  1. Very graphic, and somehow you keep the sense of humor along with the disgust.
    I learned to teach my fifth graders how to throw up as part of my introductory procedures in the classroom, because there are definitely examples of how not to barf.
    Hope you got all those microbes. I think the Clorox wipe up was a great ending.

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