One Little Word

I have been thinking and over thinking and thinking and over thinking about life.  Probably because the over thinking is who I am and more likely because this is the year I turn 50 years old.

50.  So many people are mortified by that number: I am not.

I am amazed by that number.  I had no idea I would live to be 50 years old. Who knew that there would be so many things that would be different from when I was a kid?  And yet, so many things are still the same.

When I was choosing my one little word, I thought about what I like to do–not what I am good at or can do at the drop of a hat….what do I like to do?


I like to write.  Nothing fancy, nothing to write home about (LOL’ing at that) or anything that I would send off for publication.  Just writing.  I like to write my name, I like to write notes, I like to copy quotes, I like to practice my handwriting, I like to write about food, I like to write about my daily life, I like to write thank you notes, I like to make lists.  I like to write.

It became clear to me that in my 50th year of life my one little word is: write.



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