Today when my wrist vibrated I knew it wasn’t an ESPN update.  It wasn’t CNN telling me that something else ridiculous had been said out loud by our fearless leader. It wasn’t a snapchat.

It was our accountant.  Answer?  In the split second it took for me to locate my phone I decided I would answer.

Yikes.  His news wasn’t favorable.  We owe 4 digits to the IRS.  WHAT!?!

I thought I was going to cry.  And I did cry later.

Apparently when your kids graduate from college and get real jobs you are supposed to make changes to your ‘STUFF’.

Adulting is hard.  #justsayin’


4 thoughts on “News

  1. Ouch! I feel your tears. I have had those years before. One year we owed them 4 digits. I was in shock for weeks! I ate ice cream. Lots of ice cream. Life is always easier to accept with ice cream.

    • I thought about stuffing as many brownies as I could find in my mouth! Oh my gosh–we were stunned. It was a rough 15 minutes!
      Thanks for your comment! I have missed you!

  2. I love the line: I thought I was going to cry. And I did cry later.
    The repetition shows both your reaction and your restraint.

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