Red Shoes


As I entered the hallway this morning, I was greeted with that distinct clickety-clack sound high heels make on a tile floor.

As I looked down the hallway expecting to see a grown-up, I was greeted by a smiling 7- year-old wearing the best shoes ever.  Winter coat, gloves and these shoes.

Later I would see her and realize she was wearing exercise pants with a matching top–that did not match these red shoes.  And she was proud.

And so was I.

She wore them all day…and she ran at recess and she played basketball and she played the star wars game and she went about the day as if the whole world should be wearing red shoes.

And you know what?  Maybe we should.  #justsayin’




3 thoughts on “Red Shoes

  1. Your story made my heart smile. I want to wear those shoes and be seven and embrace the mismatching joys of life! Thank you for sharing.

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