On this Monday….

I am thankful for…..

a snooze button.

waking up to only one notification from Twitter about the craziness in the White House.

purple nail polish.

two little girls who magically turn 5 today.


not needing my winter coat.

the forethought to pack a week’s worth of lunches yesterday so I could write this morning.

the George Winston station on Pandora.

17 little smiling faces that I will see later this morning.  At least I hope they will be smiling.

friends who are family.

being able to walk outside with no coat, gloves or hat.  Can you tell I hate winter?

health insurance.

this Monday.  May it be a glorious and peaceful day for all.  #justsayin’



5 thoughts on “On this Monday….

  1. It’s good to feel grateful, especially on Mondays when it can feel particularly hard. Thank you for helping me think about all I am grateful for this morning.

  2. Your second item, the one about craziness in the WH, is my favorite. I have yet to check Twitter today to see the latest from “that guy.” Think I’ll head on over and check it out.

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