Overheard in my classroom…..

“What’s your favorite natural disaster?”

“Well….I can’t decide.  I really like tornados.  I haven’t been in a hurricane but I think I would like a hurricane.”

“What’s yours?”

“A volcano?”

“Well, I might like earthquakes the best.  Earthquakes happen all the time and we don’t even know it.  And earthquakes can cause a volcano to erupt.”

And the conversation continued for about another 15 minutes.

It was awe-inspiring. #justsayin’


4 thoughts on “Conversation

  1. That’s an interesting conversation! I would have liked to be a fly on the wall for that one. 🙂 How old are your kiddos? My mind is wondering how they chose this topic to talk about. 🙂

    • We are Firsties. Very, very, nerdy, Firsties. Library books. One little guy has been checking out natural disaster books and now he has groupies. They check out different books and then compare them. I would like to take credit for this ‘miracle’ but it’s all kid-driven.

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