On Thursday, we took our end of module assessment in math.  I had kids working at the rainbow table who needed extra support and kids working on their own around the room.  

I had kids who were in tears.  I stopped everyone and reminded them that we do not cry over math.  We cry when our grandma dies or our dog is sick.  A little guy pipes up to add it’s OK to cry when you have an injury and there is lots of blood.  WE DO NOT CRY OVER MATH.

I am alternating hanging out at the rainbow table and circulating the room.  As I stoop to help a little person, I hear a screeching voice shout the words, ‘STOP PEEKING AT MY PAPER!’

Suffice it to say what followed was not my finest 15 minutes.

Upon immediate reflection, I realized I had made a terrible mistake. Upon further reflection, I realized I had not listened to what my little person was saying.  I had not asked enough questions.  I had acted irrationally.

Here is where I could list all the reasons I did what I did.

It comes down to this: When I am asking too much of my kids and myself, meltdowns such as this occur.

Today I asked for forgiveness and was granted grace by a 7-year-old girl who has the heart the size of Texas.  #justsayin





4 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. Whatever happened, you were able to step back and reflect and then regroup and reconnect with your little person. It’s what we all need to remember to do at times.

  2. Oh, I get so frustrated with myself when I realize I have had a not so fine moment. Give grace to yourself. You deserve it, too. I love, “WE DO NOT CRY OVER MATH”. I wanted to the Thursday night. Seventh-grade math is hard! 🙂 At least you are helping them keep perspective.

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