Jury Duty

About a month ago I got the letter.  I had been selected for jury duty.  After much eye rolling and grumbling, I decided that there wasn’t much I could do other than to show up and hope I wasn’t chosen.

Well a month passes quickly and tomorrow is the day I must report for my civic duty.  I am torn–I think this will be an interesting process and I will probably learn a lot. On the other hand I am supposed to be at a meeting to discuss our ELA adoption and I am DARNED excited about this process.

I am concerned that I won’t be chosen for jury duty due to the fact that almost everyone who is on trial has been in one of my classes or could have a child in my current class.  Also, almost all of our trials have involved drugs and I am sure this one will not be an exception. It’s really hard on my heart to watch people who are suffering from the effects of drug addiction.

I don’t really want to miss the ELA adoption discussion either.  It’s kind of a big deal that I was chosen and we haven’t had an ELA adoption for about 12 years.  Plus, the thought of a real lunch is so enticing.

I believe this is what my mom would call a rock and a hard place. #justsayin



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