Alas, I did not get chosen for jury duty.

It was a very interesting process.  It certainly doesn’t work like it does on TV. Much, much slower and the judge wasn’t nearly as contrary as they are on TV. There were 35 of us called to today and 7 of us attend the same church.  I thought that was interesting.

Other interesting things: We had to report between 8:30 and 8:45 but were not called into the courtroom until 9:15. A father and daughter were called as prospective jurors and were chosen to serve on the jury. The questions we were asked made me chuckle.  Things like do you know this witness? Well, yes.  I have known him his entire life. Are you a close personal friend of anyone on the jury? Well, yes. 2 of my very close friends were there today. Do any of the prospective jurors work together? Well, yes. The school secretary and I work at the same school. Do any members of your family work in law enforcement? Well, no.

And so and so on.  I had no idea that any of those things were asked to prospective jurors.  I think I have watched way too much TV courtroom dramas and was seriously expecting the whole process to look like Law and Order.  #justsayin’


5 thoughts on “Chosen

  1. Were you nervous? The whole thing seems nerve-wracking. Like you, I have probably watched too much court tv. It is built up in my mind as a big deal. I am available for jury duty next month into the summer. Thanks for sharing this experience.

  2. I have had the privilege to be called to jury duty a few times. Never have been selected to sit on a Jury. My husband, however, has been a juror for both the state level and federal level; one a murder trial and one a human rights trial. Neither were like the tv shows. Glad you get to help pick out the new ELA curriculum!

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