I love cookies. I love to make cookies. I love to eat cookies. I love to share cookies. If cookies were a love language, they’d be mine.

It seems as though I have forgotten how something as ordinary homemade cookies can offer me a few moments of peace in a world filled with anything but peace.

For years, I made cookies every Sunday night during the school year. In the summer, we had them on Thursdays. Now I make them most Thursday nights or on Friday mornings before school–you know, because #cookiefriday.

When I started #cookiefriday with my class, I really thought it would just be that one week. Then it became a weekly tradition. Then I thought it would only be a one year gig.

This year I needed the tradition.

I needed the respite from the world that making cookies gives me. It’s methodical. And rhythmic. I am reminded of simpler times in my life–times when I took for granted that life would always be that way. At times, I am reminded of grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Of packing lunches and birthday treats. Of friends.

When I make Amish sugar cookies, I am reminded of my father-in-law and his love for his family. I miss him.

When I make snickerdoodles, I am reminded of a young mother of 3 whose heart was so sad that I didn’t even know it until much later when she told met that those random cookie deliveries meant the world to her. That they saved her.

When I make cut-out sugar cookies, I am reminded of my dad. For years, I had no idea that he loved those cookies and one Christmas I discovered his love for them. Now if I know he is coming, I make plenty for him to take home with him.

Making cookies of any kind, evokes a memory of someone for me. And offers me comfort. Although those cookies are often times a gift of love for someone, they really are about me and what I get out of making them.

Making cookies has healing powers for me. #justsayin’


8 thoughts on “Cookies

  1. This is epic. And … we are kindred spirits because I have #cakemonday. And no meetings with cookies. I lov your cookie memories. I tend to make something new each week except at home there are almost always chocolate chips.

  2. I love this. We all need “cookies” to add normalcy, love, and routine to a much chaotic life. I love the way you share the memories related to cookies and each person!

  3. I’m a fellow cookie lover and baker and sharer. When my mother died, the family joke was that I was in the kitchen getting therapy (baking cookies). I love the memories you have with different kinds of cookies. This year I mailed snickerdoodles to my cousin because she always loved them when we made them when we were kids. We’re 60 something kids now. She told me that she knew 2019 would be a good year because she got cookies from me!

  4. I loved your description of how various types of cookies are tied to your memories of specific people. I had forgotten how relaxing and soothing I find baking to be, and that’s sad. It is past time to whip out my cookie sheets and bake!

  5. What a great peek into your kitchen and heart and cookie memories. I love cookies too, for all the reasons you share in your first paragraph.

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