How Important is a Name?

My whole life. It’s just my name. No big deal….

But seriously. I have worked for this district for 24 years and this happens on a regular basis. Today it was at a conference.

It’s just my name. And it is hard to spell–bonus since my last name is spelled correctly this time–and I get it. BUT….that sinking feeling I had this morning when I picked up my name tag is a feeling I would like to avoid.

Is it important? I think so. I would want it for a kid in my classroom so I think it would be….oh I don’t know….respectful….kind….courteous….and this list could go on and on.

But back to this question: Is it important? I think it is. I think it means that no one cares enough to double check to see if they have spelled my name correctly.

And that boils down to relationships. #justsayin’


9 thoughts on “How Important is a Name?

  1. how could you change it in a way that was memorable? A smiley sticker? the e made into a rose or an animal. Relationships do matter, but these nametags were probably made by a program, a program that was entered by someone who doesn’t know you. I have other Susans I know that have to be Susan. They don’t like it when someone calls them Sue or Susie… Perhaps you could find the source of the misspelling and correct it for the rest of your career. That would be power. I have an idea… Maybe you could make stickers with your correct spelling so that you could always fix it without a big marker blob. Sorry… always trying to fix problems. It’s a pretty name.

  2. I can totally relate. I don’t know how many times someone has spelled my name “Reagan.” It’s a little thing, but I agree that it shows a certain lack of consideration. Names, and making sure you get it right, are important.

  3. I get it. My first name is Daven, and I’ve been called David, Daren, Damien, Davin, Daryl, Dover, Denver, Dave …
    Clay Center KS? I’m a Manhattan (KS) boy 👨‍🌾

  4. I think your name should be spelled correctly. Have you brought it to the secretary’s attention before? If not I’d start there.
    If you have, maybe write a letter to the department that’s in charge?
    You probably have thought of these things before.
    I agree it’s about relationships.

  5. I’m sorry that happens to you.. But this slice is so great! I don’t have a terribly hard name to spell but it is constantly misunderstood when I tell someone what my name is, so to an extent I get it. People I’ve know forever STILL will occasionally call me Melanie. That I will never understand.

  6. Your post makes me think about “conventional” spelling and how there really is no such thing. I like to joke that one-third of the female population shares my name. That is no guarantee that anyone will spell it “correctly” though. I agree it is about relationships. I bet anyone who knows you, knows how to spell your name.

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