Yes, I’ll Play

On what was our 697th inside recess, this little guy approached me with the board and hopeful eyes. I waited.

‘Mrs. Hays, would you like to play with me?’

‘I would love to play with you. You know I am really bad at this game, right?’

He smiled. ‘I don’t care. ‘ And we began to play.

Soon, others joined us. I won the game. Another little guy offered to play so they could get better and beat me next time.

My goal this year was to say ‘yes’ to kids more than I said no. Just to play, paint, jump rope or push the swing when they asked me–just say yes. All they want is my time–a few minutes here and there–of me.

That I can do. #goalmet #justsayin’


2 thoughts on “Yes, I’ll Play

  1. Oh, inside recess, how I detest thee! AND then we build the world’s tallest Lego tower…it might actually touch the ceiling if we don’t take it down and can finish it tomorrow!! Those are great memories with my little classroom family. I took those moments for granted. Thanks for sharing one with us today.

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