Last week I had a student move. I really wanted to celebrate this little human before he headed out. He had only been with us about 8 weeks, which we knew would be the case when he arrived.

‘I would really like to have a special snack to celebrate you before you leave us. What would you like? It can be ANYTHING I can buy at the store’

‘Mmmm. Ehhhh. Nothing, thanks.’

Ugh. He was leaving that day. He had found out the night before that they were going home.

‘Are you sure? It can be anything. Little Debbie’s, Oreo’s, candy bars, chips, ice cream bars, popsicles, whatever is your favorite thing–I will get that thing for you.’

‘Well. I’d like graham crackers.’

Wow. Most kids would have jumped on the junk food festival I was offering and this little guy wants graham crackers.

Later in the day I checked in with him to make sure that graham crackers were, indeed, what he desired.

‘I would take ice cream sandwiches if you wanted to get some.’

‘Dude, you got it!’

I haven’t been rewarded with many smiles from him in the eight weeks he’s been with us–but I got one that day.

So I delivered them to the library and headed off to the store. I bought three kinds of ice cream sandwiches–regular flavor, chocolate lovers and Neapolitan.

Imagine my surprise when I discover that these kids do not know about Neapolitan ice cream. As I enlighten them to it’s greatness, I tell them the story of my brother and I who thought Neapolitan was a ‘naughty’ word. We would say it behind our mothers back and whisper it to each other. When we would go for an ice cream treat, we would get Neapolitan just we could say the ‘bad’ word. Whenever we heard it, we would be like ‘oooooooooooooooo that’s a bad word!’ I have no idea why we thought that, but we thought that for years. Boy, we were dumb.

Those kids cracked up at that story. And then they went home and told their parents the story of ‘Neapolitan’ and how I thought it was a bad word. And then parents cracked up as well.

Be still my heart. #justsayin’


Right Now

Right now there are about 500 pieces of paper in my book bag that MUST be dealt with before I return to school on Monday.

Right now I am dead dog tired.

Right now I would really like to eat all the stuff that I shall not name.

Right now I am not even close to being ready for parent teacher conferences that will happen on Monday night.

Right now I am thinking of going to bed.

Right now I have no laundry soap and I just can’t make myself drive to the store to buy some.

Right now we have one roll of toilet paper. ONE.

Right now I am hoping that one of my little humans had supper tonight.

Right now I am wondering if I can make it through the weekend without going to the store. But….laundry soap.

Right now I am 5 school days from spring break.

Right now I am not going to worry about anything.



I logged off of 3 social media platforms on December 31. I needed a break. And I found that I was mindlessly scrolling when I could have been reading a book. Or sewing. Or writing. Or just about anything.

My original plan was just to log off in January. Then January became February. Now it’s March. Here I am.

True confessions: I have been on The Facebook twice to check in with my Old Lady Book Club. Got sucked into scrolling. Burned daylight.

I logged on to The Twitter to search for an article I wanted to read and discuss. Did not find the article. Burned daylight.

I have NOT logged on to Instagram. I really like Instagram. I miss it. I don’t miss anything else.

Here’s what happened: I have read 13 books since January 1. My house is cleaner. I finally got out a puzzle for the puzzle table. I sleep better.

I think I got this. #justsayin

Yes, I’ll Play

On what was our 697th inside recess, this little guy approached me with the board and hopeful eyes. I waited.

‘Mrs. Hays, would you like to play with me?’

‘I would love to play with you. You know I am really bad at this game, right?’

He smiled. ‘I don’t care. ‘ And we began to play.

Soon, others joined us. I won the game. Another little guy offered to play so they could get better and beat me next time.

My goal this year was to say ‘yes’ to kids more than I said no. Just to play, paint, jump rope or push the swing when they asked me–just say yes. All they want is my time–a few minutes here and there–of me.

That I can do. #goalmet #justsayin’

When You Make Bad Choices

As I picked my kids up from the gym, I heard a number of ‘HOLY SMOKES! IT’S COLD OUT HERE!’ And you know what?  They were right.  It was cold out there.

And I had not worn any socks.  And I had a friend who had worn her flip flops.  Another had on her exercise pants which did not cover her ankles.  My good friend T pointed out that I had made a bad choice and I was going to have to live with it.

His words sounded suspiciously like my words.  OH MY.

I begged the friends not to tell my mom!  They giggled…and said, ‘MS. HAYS YOU DON’T LIVE WITH YOUR MOM!!’ More giggling.

You know what?  It was just socks.  And I am a grown-up who can make her own choices.  Forgetting my socks only affected me–for the most part. It meant that I wasn’t going to be too hip to have any extra outside recess so that affected the kids.

But what about when bad choices affect others?  Do I think about how my choices affect others?  Sometimes.  But really. Probably not.  As humans we can be very selfish.

I am human.