I logged off of 3 social media platforms on December 31. I needed a break. And I found that I was mindlessly scrolling when I could have been reading a book. Or sewing. Or writing. Or just about anything.

My original plan was just to log off in January. Then January became February. Now it’s March. Here I am.

True confessions: I have been on The Facebook twice to check in with my Old Lady Book Club. Got sucked into scrolling. Burned daylight.

I logged on to The Twitter to search for an article I wanted to read and discuss. Did not find the article. Burned daylight.

I have NOT logged on to Instagram. I really like Instagram. I miss it. I don’t miss anything else.

Here’s what happened: I have read 13 books since January 1. My house is cleaner. I finally got out a puzzle for the puzzle table. I sleep better.

I think I got this. #justsayin


3 thoughts on “Time

  1. What a terrific idea. I do think I spend some time reading things that don’t move me forward. I hope you’ll write about that media diet and those books you read. Welcome to March. Can’t wait to read what you’ve learned.

  2. You so accurately state the positive effects of going “cold turkey” when it comes to media platforms. I am envious. I am tempted to hop on board your no media train. Your repeated line, “Burned Daylight” is an effective way to hit home your entire point of spending time in the wrong places. Oh, how I am guilty of this! Thanks for your reflective post. Welcome back!

  3. What a great inspiration to think about where my time is going, and how I “burn daylight”. I really enjoyed the rhythm of your writing–the play between longer sentences and shorter ones or fragments.

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