Phone Calls


‘What are you doing?’

‘I am reading a book. What are you doing?’

‘Don’t you have anything else to do besides reading a book?’

Yes, Mom. I have a bazillion things that could be done but I am choosing to read a book. There are times when I wish I could just not answer the phone when she calls. But I know that it’s just going to prolong the pain so I just answer. Also, I am trying very hard to show my kids how to handle me with grace and style when I am old and filled with memory loss.

‘I’ve made a decision. I called your uncle today and asked if he would come and pick me up. He did. We went to his house. I was there for four hours. I am going to move in with him. Are you there?’


‘This place is killing my health. I am moving on Saturday.’

‘Have you talked to your son? What did he say about moving? Are you sure, Mom?’

‘I have been calling your brother (it’s really HER SON–but whatevs) for 2 days and he won’t answer my calls. This will be easier for him. He won’t have to come all the way out here to get me. And it will be good for your Uncle. He really needs to lose some weight. And I can pay him to live there. That will help him as well. Do you think it’s a good idea? I took a walk today and it just came to me. I have to move. I hate this place. I am allergic to it.’

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It’s not a good idea. But if there is one thing I know: I am not able to argue with my mother. It’s no use. I have been her child for 52 years and I have never won any kind of argument with her. Some where along the way….I quit. #justsayin’


6 thoughts on “Phone Calls

  1. There’s no winning argument to be had once they’ve made up their mind like she has. Dag, I hope it works out. No, how about, it will work out somehow but it won’t be your problem. That hashtag says it all. She’s a concern and you think about her choices but you can’t change her so there’s no point in trying. It’s honest and smart. I don’t think it’s said enough so thank you for writing this.

    • Thank you. Sometimes my Catholic Guilt eats me alive. This year my one little word has been a phrase….save myself. Most days I can remember to save myself, other days not so much.

  2. I love that beginning! It gives such a sense of your mom’s personality right away. I also love this line: “Also, I am trying very hard to show my kids how to handle me with grace and style when I am old and filled with memory loss.” It made me laugh. It sounds like you’re doing a great job of maintaining your sense of humor with your mom. What a great skill!

  3. God bless moms…and daughters. It has to be tough, knowing that our roles will reverse one day, as our parents age. It seems you have a great perspective on the situation. Your awareness of how this may be you one day, made me smile.

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