Right Now

Right now there are about 500 pieces of paper in my book bag that MUST be dealt with before I return to school on Monday.

Right now I am dead dog tired.

Right now I would really like to eat all the stuff that I shall not name.

Right now I am not even close to being ready for parent teacher conferences that will happen on Monday night.

Right now I am thinking of going to bed.

Right now I have no laundry soap and I just can’t make myself drive to the store to buy some.

Right now we have one roll of toilet paper. ONE.

Right now I am hoping that one of my little humans had supper tonight.

Right now I am wondering if I can make it through the weekend without going to the store. But….laundry soap.

Right now I am 5 school days from spring break.

Right now I am not going to worry about anything.



3 thoughts on “Right Now

  1. I love this slice. That repetition of “Right now” is so grounding and keeping you from freaking out at all that you have to do, and reminding yourself that there are only five school days until spring break. You clearly need it, and you will get it soon. Just hold on.

  2. “Right now” is one of my go to formats when I am busy. I hope you have a good restful weekend. This will give you energy for the conferences and the other days before Spring Break.

  3. “Right now I am hoping that one of my little humans had supper tonight.” In all that oh-so-true listing, including must go to the grocery but really just CAN’T, this one popped out for me and says a lot about who you are and underscores your blog tagline. Thanks for this post!

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