No Secrets

‘I tooted’ as she teehee’d and looked at me.

I gave my standard response, ‘Thank you for letting me know.’

‘And it smells!’

Yep. I got that one all on my own.

There are no secrets. Just sayin’.


Out of Commission

End of the 3rd nine weeks.

Early morning meetings.

IEP season.

Ear pain.

Trip to urgent care.

Diagnosis: ear infection AND sinus infection.

I do not have time to be out of commission.

Just sayin’.


Each day we have a journal prompt that kids write about.  I put it up at the end of each day before they head home.  I think it gives them time to think through what they might want to share in their journal.  Recently, I began sharing the weeks prompts in my parent newsletter as well.

As one of my friends hit the door Monday morning, she told the greeter (who happens to be my offspring) ‘that I finally did something exciting over the weekend and wouldn’t you just know it the journal entry is WHAT WOULD I DO WITH A MAGIC CAR!’

To which my offspring replied, ‘your teacher is the WORST!!’ Laughter ensued and she held her weekend fun until today’s entry.

She and her family were able to attend a men’s basketball game, buy new underwear, eat at a restaurant and purchase new shoes. She had a really, really big time!

After she was done writing, we visited about her weekend. In particular, the basketball game. She was concerned that the fans were poor sports because they read newspapers while the opposing team was being introduced.  She also said they booed players and that was very wrong.  But the best part of the game??…..

‘Mrs. Hays, have you ever been to the KSU basketball game?’

‘I have.’


‘I have. Were your mom and dad on the kiss cam?’

(insert the best giggles you have ever heard right here) ‘NOOOOOO. That would have been terrible!’

Oh girl. You have my heart. Just sayin’.



Tonight was my Old Lady Book Club.

Great book. Amazing conversation surrounding the book.  Lots of laughter.  Lots of stories. More connections to the book and lots of questions about other cultures. And questions. So many questions.

Such an unexpected evening of joyous connections with women who are all in different stages of life coming together over a book.

This is the life, friends. Just sayin’.


Frugal or Nah?

As I stood in the aisle looking at the mega packages of paper towels, I noticed that my favorite brand wasn’t on sale this week.  And we were OUT of paper towels.  I mean OUT.  Not one to be found in any room anywhere in my house.

Ugh.  What to do?

I compared the prices, I compared how many were on each roll.  I tried to ‘feel’ the towels through the plasticky outside.

Ugh. What to do?

Do I buy my favorite brand that wasn’t on sale? Do I buy another brand that was on sale? Do I hop to the next store hoping that my favorite was on sale there?

My #OLW is frugal.

Ugh. What to do?

As I stood there burning daylight over paper towels, I scolded myself.  Just buy the durn towels and get on with it. Quit overthinking paper towels.  I was simply task avoiding by overthinking the paper towels.

After another round of comparison, and obviously more task avoiding, I finally bought the on sale towels.

They. Are. The.Worst. Towels. EVER.

It takes twice as many to do a job as my favorite brand.  Thankfully we are using them at a rapid rate and I will be able to return to the store to purchase my favorite brand.

In an effort to be frugal with my money, I wasn’t frugal with my time.  Now I am not frugal with these terrible towels.

Someday I will get it–balance is best.  Just sayin’.



Today was enough.

I folded 4 loads of laundry.

Planned my wardrobe for the week.

Read some blogs.

Showered and dressed quickly because I lost track of time.

Went to the dollar store.

Went to a board meeting.

Went to the post office.

Put dinner in the crock pot and laid out ground beef to thaw.

Planned my menus for the week.

Talked to a friend on the phone.

Made the grocery list.

Went to Wendy’s for lunch on the run.

Went back to the dollar store.

Went to grocery store number one.

Went to grocery store number two.

Finally made it home where there was plenty of help to put away the stuff.

Grabbed my book and a water to settle in for 2 basketball games.

Took nap number one.

Made popcorn for ballgame number 2.

Took nap number two.

Watched a team lose that shouldn’t have lost.

Took a third nap.

Browned the beef for tacos and made rice.

Cleaned my bedroom.

And I am headed for bed.

Today was enough. Just sayin’.


He came to us when he was 8.  His family needed to move and they couldn’t take him along.  He was a fighter and they weren’t sure how long he would live.

He would fight and recover. He would disappear.  He would be gone and just about the time we thought he was gone forever, he would reappear.

Time passed.

Each year he lived we felt blessed.

Each winter would get harder on him.  We would think it was his last.

He turned 19 last spring and finally showed signs of slowing down.  He didn’t leave the yard and his favorite spot was wherever the sun was shining.  If the dryer was on, he could be found under the vent warming himself.

Winter was rough. We wanted him to stay in the garage to be warm.  He hated being cooped up.

And then one day, he was gone.

We think that he wandered off and it was so very cold that he just couldn’t make it back home.

Disappeared. And missed by all. Just sayin’.

The Queen

On Tuesday, a kindergarten class invited me to read my favorite book to them today.  Perfect. This is no brainer. One of my very favorite things is to read aloud and I do LOVELOVELOVE sharing books.

The kindergarten teacher and I decide it will be great fun if I bring my class of 19 first graders along.

We show up at 9:30 ready to read.

I introduce myself by asking if they know who I am.  They shout out–‘you’re Ms. Hays’ MOM!!!!!’ Indeed I am.  My offspring is an aide in this classroom.

‘But you are MRS. Hays because you are married to MR. Hays!’

Right again.

At this point, I ask them if they know what else is special about me. They’re puzzled but my class is not.  My class shouts out…..wait for it…..

‘SHE’S THE QUEEN!’ I tell the kindergartners that I am The Queen and it’s OK to call me that if you see me. My offspring has bolted for the door, the kindergarten teacher has tears running down her face and the para is just giggling like a middle school boy.

At the end of the day as the kindergartners are passing my room on the way to the bus, a little boy looks right at me, smiles and says, ‘Hello there Queen!’

Day made, friends.  Just sayin’.

One Little Word

My OLW for 2017 is write.  And then life happened.

Reflecting on my writing, I really probably did write something every day–an email, a thank you note, a message to my kids.  It certainly hasn’t been what I thought it would be.

Life never is.

When I decided to go off the grid for #sb2017 (spring break 2017), I did not know it would last until June.  I mean #sb2017 did NOT last that long, unfortunately, but going off the grid for my writing did.  Going off the grid for that 10 days included all social media, email and blogs.  I don’t think I opened my computer that whole 10 days.

Here is what I found: I spend too much time on the unimportant.  I had over 500 emails in that 10 days between my school account and my personal account. And I knew had too many when about 10 0F THEM WERE IMPORTANT and I could delete the other 490 without opening them.

I slowly began the process of unsubscribe, delete and focusing on the 10 while skipping the 490.

Because life happens.  And I want to be a part of the 10, not the 490.  #justsayin’


10 Thing Thursday

  1. Totally and completely forgot to write yesterday.  Woke up from a dead sleep at 9 pm and realized it.  Too tired to do anything about it.
  2. Kids last day was today.  They said, ‘See you in 10 days, Hays! Hey that rhymes!’
  3. I ‘get’ to present to adults at 8:30 tomorrow morning.  Ugh.  Not a fan of presenting to adults.
  4. I have 4 closets to clean out over spring break and 4 books to read.  Hmmm….wonder which one will get done?
  5. This time is my favorite weekend of basketball season.
  6. Currently I am counseling a good friend whose son is suffering from skin affliction.  I am an expert rash diagnoser.
  7. Friday suppers for Lent are challenging this year.
  8. Our 3 Kansas basketball teams play tomorrow night at nearly the same time.  I am gunning for all our TV’s to be hauled into the living room so we can see all 3 play.
  9. Even though I don’t like Duke, I picked them as National Champions.
  10. Kansas weather today was crazy.  It was 50 degrees at morning recess but felt like 33 (and it was freaking COLD) and it was 72 degrees at afternoon recess and felt like 78. Welcome to Kansas. #justsayin’